Isabella Dusi – Professional Speaker

Isabella is an outstanding inspirational speaker. She is also an amazing storyteller, author of four books, a social historian, travel writer and international tour leader.

Isabella's Story

The story of Isabella’s journey tells of her extraordinary determination, focusing on her resilience and courage as she overcame tragedy and, finding herself penniless, confronted reality, took on the challenges, overcame adversity and found herself living in Italy.

Isabella uses the story of her refusal to take the easy road, her determination to shake off self-pity, her resilience to whatever obstacle appeared in her path, to motivate and inspire others, empowering them on their journey.

Isabella’s inspirational presentations are high energy, honest, soul-baring and personal, and inspire others to overcome any obstacle, to pursue a future they hardly dare dream about, and then dare them to dream bigger and achieve what may seem unreachable.

With her mission of inspiring others, Isabella’s story of determination and courage is a quality experience which touches and inspires her audience.

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Isabella's Professional Speaking Fees

I have spoken to audiences all over the world, sometimes to small gatherings, at other times to auditoriums filled to capacity. Having spoken to hundreds of audiences I have a list of very happy clients, many of whom have given me testimonials which are verifiable. I am not a high profile TV celebrity, although I have considerable success as an expert on Italy and as an author, and I am not a champion sports idol. My fees fall within the range for motivational and inspirational speakers on the professional circuit.  I am in the business of creating an experience tailored to fit your brief.

My fees need to be flexible – I need to find out your needs and then be able to fulfill your needs.

Please don’t be hesitant in emailing me about what you need. Speaker’s fees are not, and should not be, secretive or oblique – professional speakers are in business, just as you are, and we need to provide transparency and add value to any experience we offer.

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Isabella's Feedback as a Professional Speaker

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