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Isabella is an outstanding inspirational speaker. She is also an amazing storyteller, author of four books, a social historian, travel writer and international tour leader.

The story of Isabella’s journey tells of her extraordinary determination, focusing on her resilience and courage as she overcame tragedy and, finding herself penniless, confronted reality, took on the challenges, overcame adversity and found herself living in Italy. Isabella uses the story of her refusal to take the easy road, her determination to shake off self-pity, her resilience to whatever obstacle appeared in her path, to motivate and inspire others, empowering them on their journey.

Isabella’s inspirational presentations are high energy, honest, soul-baring and personal, and inspire others to overcome any obstacle, to pursue a future they hardly dare dream about, and then dare them to dream bigger and achieve what may seem unreachable. With a combination of video, slides, and her mission of inspiring others, Isabella’s story of determination and courage is a quality experience which touches and inspires her audience.

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Isabella's Feedback as a Professional Speaker


Footsteps In Italy
Tours with Isabella Dusi

When you tour with me, I am your Italian expert and I’m with you every day.

I’m not a celebrity on tour, making a ‘guest’ appearance now and again. I’m your leader, your guide and we discover Italy together. I walk with you, talk with you, eat with you, explain to you, tell you stories, answer your questions and, at the end of each day, we sit down with a glass of wine and relax, talking about the great day we’ve had, and the great day we will have tomorrow.

The only time I am not personally guiding is when I am obliged by law to employ an in-country guide at monuments. But I’m still with you, making sure they explain to you what I know you want to know.

Isabella's Feedback as a travel guide


Isabella’s Story

Isabella tells her story and takes the audience on a journey, a roller coaster ride, from the grief of widowhood at 26, of making personal choices which astonish her riveted audiences, to building a business and its ultimate collapse, to an uplifting triumph through sheer determination and courage.

Her mission is to inspire and motivate others to settle for nothing less than their dreams, to fight the demons head-on and reach their goals, to discover and use their personal power to achieve and live an exciting and fulfilling life.

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