We worked with Isabella for many years, arranging successful travel programmes from New Zealand to Italy.  A vital part of any group travel experience is the explanations provided.  Isabella has the rare and special gift of communicating in a way which is easily understood, keeps the audience totally absorbed and leaves the listener able to later recall the key points.

Isabella also has a compelling personal story.  She has managed to rise above more stumbling blocks than most people face in their lifetime, but more than that, has turned problems into opportunities to propel her life forward.  It’s a great story and we are astounded at her achievements.

Let Isabella tell you her story – it’s fascinating and takes you from despair to triumph, and the inevitable shades between.

Two brief moments to illustrate Isabella’s skills –
Our group is sitting on some ancient steps amid Etruscan ruins in Cerveteri, near Rome.  Isabella outlines the elusive Etruscan civilisation – whose origins fade into pre-history – and its gradual domination by the growing and aggressive Roman Empire.  There’s a lot of detail to absorb.  But the heat of the day melts away. Isabella holds her audience in the palm of her hand for 30 plus minutes.  Everyone is entranced with her story-telling.

…we have invited prospective travellers to meet Isabella, who has just arrived in Auckland from Italy.  There are plenty of travel options to Italy and the room is full of guests who are unsure how they should advance their proposed Italian experience.  Fresh as a daisy, Isabella paints tempting word pictures of the itinerary for the forthcoming travel programme she will lead.  We are hoping several people will book after listening to and chatting with Isabella … and that’s exactly what happens!


Over a period of 10 years I have encountered Isabella in several circumstances and have listened to her speak at length to formal and informal groups on complex historical subjects. Her depth of knowledge is exceptional and her ability to organise and present complex stories in an entertaining and easily understood way is not only impressive, but her extraordinary recollection makes her presentations captivating.

I have watched Isabella get down on he floor with children and captivate them with theatrical  presentations. I last heard Isabella speak in Indiana, USA, when we were raising funds to rebuild our burned down church. Isabella again demonstrated she is not only an articulate and inspirational speaker, but she even presented a plan whereby our two communities, hers in Italy and ours in USA, could work together to raise funds. We carried out the plan which was hugely successful.

Isabella weaves her diverse stories into experiential and moving presentations. I recommend her highly as a talented public speaker with diverse platform skills, enriching the lives of her audience.


It was not only a pleasure to be part of your audience, but hearing you speak has motivated us into action! After a high profile and demanding career with huge responsibilities, we always wanted to change our lifestyle, and our dream was to live part of our life in a village in Tuscany, and thanks to your empowering story, we were inspired to move forward with our life plans.

Thank you for coming to Florida and thanks for your engaging story. Your effortless style and presence, as well as being able to connect so well with the audience, made it a fantastic event. We were not only entertained, but also enriched – and propelled into action.  See you in Italy!


Your story was passionately moving and truly inspiration to all who heard you. Your honesty and candid outline of events throughout your life demonstrated the importance to take risks, to follow your dreams and that one can overcome the most difficult of situations.

As I glanced around at the people present it became clear to me that all were captured by your story, your vitality and your ability to be at one within yourself. Thank you, you have inspired and encouraged many to walk the life they wish to.

Simply captivating! Much more than a marvelous speaker, Isabella Dusi is a natural story teller with innate sense of audience. Her commanding presence combines with an irresistible charisma that keeps one hanging on her every word – and begging for more.

I first met Isabella back in 2008 after reading her first book, Vanilla Beans and Brodo, about a little medieval village in the south western corner of Tuscany. It was her vivid and captivating description of the life and people of this Italian village that compelled me to not only visit for the first time but to return time and time again. Her passion and love of her fellow villagers as well as her depth of knowledge on the region was incredibly captivating. On multiple occasions, Isabella has taken groups of my family, friends and clients on walking tours of the village. Her command of knowledge on the history of the village, Italy and art coupled with her personal experience and journey leaves her clients wanting more. On numerous occasions, I had to track down my group in the village as they would keep Isabella way past the allotted time not wanting her to finish. Highly recommend!

Isabella, you connected brilliantly with our eclectic audience which included IHMC scientists and engineers, community leaders, philanthropists, business executives and local supporters of our award winning Lecture Series. Your presentation was overwhelmingly successful, not only your touching personal story demonstrating your fighting spirit, but also your passion for giving back to your community. The sell out crowd meant that we had to improvise with a video screening in an ‘overflow’ room. It was great fun for everyone here who work in an intensely scientific and explorative context to be transported to your world.


Thanks for your inspiring presentation Isabella, although, even without me saying, you know by the number of people waiting to speak with you at the end of the evening that the openness and honesty of your personal story held our audience clearly entranced. We sat overlooking Sydney Harbour, but as I glanced around the room I could see that even the views and yachts could not compete with your passion and platform presence. You connected with our audience of professionals, and turning your life circumstances into opportunities brought into focus an ability we can all tap into. Thanks for sharing your story so candidly, and for spending the time with those who wanted to speak with you personally.

Our audience thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and we just wanted to thank you for the way you were able to present your story to Senators, Capitol Hill staff and our general attendees so that everyone had a splendidly good night. The photos of happy Senators sipping Brunello di Montalcino, and draped in the colors of your village in Tuscany, is evidence of the way they were captivated by your presence on stage, and many have been moved to come and see the work going on in Montalcino. So many people worked hard to make sure the event went superbly, and many people participated in our fund-raising auction and donated to the cause, which made the event a huge success. We wanted to thank you on behalf of everyone. Having you here in Constitution Avenue, Washington DC, we were all inspired by your passion and determination.

Your lecture was absolutely amazing…your openness and honesty in sharing your incredible journey moved everyone. The audience were clearly entranced. Your determination, passion and capacity is an inspiration to us all.