Ralph Levinson MNZITT

We worked with Isabella for many years, arranging successful travel programmes from New Zealand to Italy.  A vital part of any group travel experience is the explanations provided.  Isabella has the rare and special gift of communicating in a way which is easily understood, keeps the audience totally absorbed and leaves the listener able to later recall the key points.

Isabella also has a compelling personal story.  She has managed to rise above more stumbling blocks than most people face in their lifetime, but more than that, has turned problems into opportunities to propel her life forward.  It’s a great story and we are astounded at her achievements.

Let Isabella tell you her story – it’s fascinating and takes you from despair to triumph, and the inevitable shades between.

Two brief moments to illustrate Isabella’s skills –
Our group is sitting on some ancient steps amid Etruscan ruins in Cerveteri, near Rome.  Isabella outlines the elusive Etruscan civilisation – whose origins fade into pre-history – and its gradual domination by the growing and aggressive Roman Empire.  There’s a lot of detail to absorb.  But the heat of the day melts away. Isabella holds her audience in the palm of her hand for 30 plus minutes.  Everyone is entranced with her story-telling.

…we have invited prospective travellers to meet Isabella, who has just arrived in Auckland from Italy.  There are plenty of travel options to Italy and the room is full of guests who are unsure how they should advance their proposed Italian experience.  Fresh as a daisy, Isabella paints tempting word pictures of the itinerary for the forthcoming travel programme she will lead.  We are hoping several people will book after listening to and chatting with Isabella … and that’s exactly what happens!