Italian Walking Tours

An Italian Walking tour has to tick all the boxes – because walkers are unique people and have needs over and above pretty countryside. It’s true that walking on an Isabella Dusi Walking tour is always going to be more than pretty, it’s going to be glorious and nothing less than splendid as you traverse famous sloping green hills, skirt fields of swaying wheat nestled at the doorstep of ancient stone farmhouses, stop on a white ribbon road to sketch or photograph a lone cypress pine along a ridge, or feel the breeze in your hair as you watch birds hover, overlooking an amazing coastline.

Be sure to tick the boxes before you book your walking tour in Italy. Are you going to be Walking in Italy with an experienced qualified guide who can actually tell you what the crop is, what the wild flowers and berries are, and can name the bird life? Are you going to be trying to slow your pace, or forge ahead, to be clear of a noisy pack of 15 or 20, who are going to be Walking in Italy on a tour of way too many people, heads down, seeing only their feet and scaring every bird for miles? Or are you going to be one of 6 to 8 maximum on your Italy Walking tour – with time and space for your guide to make sure you smell the roses, stop and listen to the birds, and picnic on a hillside swaying with red poppies?


An Italy Walking Tour rewarding you with a genuine life experience.

That’s what you should be looking for, and you’ll find exactly that when you book on my Walking Tour to Cinque Terre, The Maremma and Island of Giglio, or on my Tuscany Walking & Cooking tour. Walking in Italy is all about the countryside, the freedom, the stunning scenery – but also about the tiny honeybird you sat unbelievably close to, the single red poppy you photographed, the nightingale you hear every evening outside your window, and the family that cooks for you.

Email me now, if you love to walk and want to understand much more about Italy, and want your Italy Walking tour to reward you with a genuine life experience.