Italy Tours

Travelling to Italy has never been easier, but deciding which of the hundreds of Italy Tours you might sign up for has never been harder. The last few years has seen an explosion of Italy tours and it seems every celebrity, artist, chef, author or anyone who has a following offers Italy Tours to Tuscany or Umbria.  One way to distinguish one Italy Tour from another is to check what you are paying for if you tour with a celebrity, compared to what you are paying for when you tour with Isabella, who began operating small group Italy Tours decades before the celebrity explosion.

Is a celebrity tour an Italy Tour you will really benefit from?

If there is a celebrity on your Italy tour, all his/her tour costs, including hotels, meals, activities, transport, are added to your tour cost. It’s common for a celebrity host to expect a “fee” of often thousands of dollars for being on tour. A celebrity name is there to attract you and can bump up the price dramatically. Would you rather travel in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy with an expert who can answer your questions and tell you enriching stories, bringing Italy to life for you?

Email Isabella and you will be surprised at the difference in cost when your Italy Tour in Tuscany or Umbria, or anywhere in Italy, is hosted by an expert whose Italy Tour knowledge is not related to celebrity status, but to years of research, study and personal experience.