Lots of people travel Italy independently, and it isn’t hard to do because Italians are great people and they want your Italy Travel to be a happy encounter. But there comes a time when people who Travel Italy independently realize they are missing way too much, even if they love Italy, and even if they haven’t argued with their partner for 24 hours trying to find a hotel, or parking, or to get on or off the highway, although they have probably gritted their teeth through a mediocre lunch when they just KNOW Italian food is fabulous!

Italy Travel is a life changing experience

Have you skipped through heaps of guides trying to isolate where you want your next Tour of Italy to take you? You’ve set yourself a mammoth task – there are so many wonderful places to visit, but often the best of Italy is not only to be found in the biggest cities. The big three, Rome, Florence and Venice all must be seen, and you might love all three, or puzzle over one or two of them…but no-one can deny the richness they offer every traveller on a Tour of Italy.

On this Tour of Italy we find Southern Italy!

We find Italy of decades past! Family run hotels with a handful of rooms, trattoria with mamma in the kitchen and babbo at the cash desk, proud to serve lunch from their garden and wine from their rows of vines. We don’t find queues when we visit the castle of the Stupor Mundi, King and Emperor Frederick II; we wander peacefully among cobbled alleys in some of the most stunning white washed villages in the whole world. We eat and drink locally – there is not enough tourists for the mega food chains to cash in on our presence, and instead we lunch with the farmer and his wife. You can be sure that a Tour of Italy to the South is going to be an unforgettable treat.

Have you returned from an Italy Holiday and reached home feeling you haven’t actually had a holiday? You probably noticed how laid-back Italians are and wondered, like many visitors, how come they stroll around the piazza half the day, relaxed and chatting, and then arms linked they stroll into the bar for coffee. Don’t they actually work? If you don’t get it right it can seem as if they are the ones on an Italy Holiday and not you!


Your Italy Holiday will open your heart to Italy.