Have you returned from an Italy Holiday and reached home feeling you haven’t actually had a holiday? You probably noticed how laid-back Italians are and wondered, like many visitors, how come they stroll around the piazza half the day, relaxed and chatting, and then arms linked they stroll into the bar for coffee. Don’t they actually work? If you don’t get it right it can seem as if they are the ones on an Italy Holiday and not you!


Your Italy Holiday will open your heart to Italy.

You’ve decided you want a tour to Italy, maybe you think you might join one of hundreds of Italy Tours described on hundreds of web sites, but now you need to find an Italy tour that will take you to the places you dream of visiting, with plenty to see and do, offering good value for money, without being rushed through your Italy holiday.

An Italy Tour with special interests?

Do you have special interests, specific reasons for coming to Italy? Do you want an Italy Tour to discover more about the delicious food and wine, or are you a history buff? Do you want to see Renaissance art on your Italy tour because you want the chance to stand in front of masterpieces – or do you want to soak up the atmosphere in small villages and towns, slipping into the relaxed rhythm of simply being in Italy?