The last few years has seen an explosion of Italy tours and it seems every celebrity, artist, chef, author or anyone who has a following offers Italy Tours to Tuscany or Umbria.

Is a celebrity tour an Italy Tour you will really benefit from?

If there is a celebrity on your Italy tour, all his/her tour costs, including hotels, meals, activities, transport, are added to your tour cost. It’s common for a celebrity host to expect a “fee” of often thousands of dollars for being on tour. A celebrity name is there to attract you and can bump up the price dramatically. Would you rather travel in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy with an expert who can answer your questions and tell you enriching stories, bringing Italy to life for you?



Every Trip to Italy means great food, fabulous countryside, unique wines and a never boring history which left a trail of masterpieces in art, sculpture, architecture and sheer enchantment that nobody should miss on any Trip to Italy. Scholars agree that life is not complete until you have made a trip to Italy, and one life does not seem long enough to capture it all – you need more Trips to Italy to understand why it is so enriching.

Trip to Italy and Rome
On your first trip to Italy it’s likely you are going to land in Rome, so get ready to be amazed – even though you’ve seen it all on TV – at the relics from the Roman Empire. For hundreds of years this city ruled up to 50 million people, spread all over the continent – you have to be in awe, especially when its your first Trip to Italy. We don’t even have to mention the specific monuments – they are household names!

Trip to Italy and Florence
Next stop is likely to be Florence and you are are going to be blown away. Totally different to Rome, but jam packed with incredible sights, enough to make you pause and realize that this Trip to Italy is a lot more than a Trip, its a kaleidoscope of art in all its forms and even if you hadn’t intended this outcome, you are automatically being educated by taking part in a Trip to Italy where you find yourself in a city that changed the culture of the world.

Trip to Italy and Venice
People might say, “Don’t go to Venice, its dirty, it smells, it’s expensive, it’s not worth it.” But to miss Venice on a Trip to Italy is to cheat yourself. People who say they “don’t like Venice”, have no idea what Venice is all about – don’t be a closed minded tourist. When you take your first step off the vaporetta, you step into an unfamiliar world, a world of fantasy, of masquarade, where greed and vice prevailed, and, if you are open minded, you’ll find yourself falling under its spell. Ask yourself, Is this the Real Venice? or, Is Venice Real? You will never want to take a Trip to Italy without including Venice.

You’ve decided you want a tour to Italy, maybe you think you might join one of hundreds of Italy Tours described on hundreds of web sites, but now you need to find an Italy tour that will take you to the places you dream of visiting, with plenty to see and do, offering good value for money, without being rushed through your Italy holiday.

An Italy Tour with special interests?

Do you have special interests, specific reasons for coming to Italy? Do you want an Italy Tour to discover more about the delicious food and wine, or are you a history buff? Do you want to see Renaissance art on your Italy tour because you want the chance to stand in front of masterpieces – or do you want to soak up the atmosphere in small villages and towns, slipping into the relaxed rhythm of simply being in Italy?