When we mention Tuscany, you imagine an Italy Tour that takes you through the rolling hills, passing ancient stone farmhouses and olive groves, eating delicious Tuscan food every day, but thinking about a trip to Tuscany also prompts you to think about whether you will go to Florence.

Maybe you’ve been to Tuscany before, and to Florence. If you have an interest in the art of the great Masters, you cannot miss Florence, but even if you don’t, you know that no Italy Tour is complete unless you’ve been to Florence. Have you wandered around galleries of art and sculpture and dragged yourself blinking and frowning as you exited? Lots of people do that on a trip to Italy and if I ask what they’ve seen the response is often – “Everything – we went into every room!

What did you see on your Italy Tour in Florence?

If you remember a blur of Madonna and Child paintings, and if you were in front of Giotto, Donatello, Michelangelo and da Vinci – what have you taken home with you from your Italy tour? Did you ‘get’ what the Renaissance was really all about? If you think the Renaissance was all about art and sculpture, you might have missed the whole darned point!