One of the greatest pleasures of the guided wine and food tours in Italy, perhaps the greatest, is that you get to experience  genuine Italian cooking, pairing honest uncomplicated food, prepared with love, with the local unpretentious wines made from grapes grown incredibly close to wherever you are.

One of my favourite Tours in Italy is the Villages & Vineyards tour, because we stay several nights in small hamlets or villages where nothing is hurried, and where a couple of hours relaxing in the sun with friends, uncorking a bottle of a wine and learning the art of understanding the wine itself – its connection traditionally and historically to the people who have grown it for hundreds of years – rather than unthinkingly drinking it, makes this Tour in Italy a truly memorable and educational experience.

Sometimes we follow a known wine trail, other times our Villages & Vineyards Italy tour is about exploring the food and wine culture of Italy region by region. A question I’m often asked on any of my Tours in Italy is why such a relatively small country has so many regions, so many cuisines and so many wines. People are curious to find out why Italian food and wine culture became the number one and most exported foreign food represented in every country in the world.

Tuscan Food and Wine Tours in Italy

Probably Tuscany is the most popular of the food and wine trails in Italy, but my Villages & Vineyards Tours in Italy to Piedmonte, Veneto, Umbrian and Calabria are Tours in Italy where we get the greatest pleasure pairing genuine Italian cooking with delicious wines in some of the most splendid and enchanting villages in Italy.