Ann and myself , as well as our small group of friends, were enthralled with your ability to effortlessly present the villages, culture and wines as we travelled with you in Italy. We were all impressed with your ability to describe St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and your discussion of the transformation of art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance gave us insight into what the Renaissance was really all about…we all wanted to hear more! We loved every village you took us us to, especially your village, Montalcino. We’ll be back to taste more of that Brunello, and all of us thought your explanation of the wine was not only fun, but educational, and so was your talk about life in a medieval village. Thanks a million for so many incredible memories. We’ll be back!

Our many trips through Italy, Europe and beyond with Isabella at the helm have been social and historical adventures. We always return to Australia with a broader and greatly enhanced knowledge of the people, countries, food and wines we have experienced. It’s a pleasure to be part of well organised holidays which leave no stone unturned.


Travelling in Europe,especially, with Isabella, is a superb cultural experience. Her detailed knowledge, communication skills and personal care are of such a high order that you will retain countless treasured memories. Planning of the varied and highly stimulating itinerary is always meticulous and will suit the most discerning taste. Especially appreciated are the several days spent in the same location, enjoying the surrounding environment and its highlights in a relaxed manner – so different from the exhausting, frantic one night stopovers offered by other tour companies.

The quality of the accommodation, meals, wine, coach comfort and tour guiding will make you feel at the end of your travels that this is the best value for money that you have ever known!

Isabella’s trips are like “pasta al dente”, perfect and never overdone. Always expertly executed with contingencies ready for the unexpected. Isabella’s enthusiasm, knowledge and kindness makes you want to sign up for her next trip before the one which you are enjoying ends.

The joy of travelling with Isabella is the well planned off the beaten track experiences. I have loved lunch in a deserted mountain village in Croatia, roast pork in the Sicilian wilderness and leading a donkey to a well in Morocco – I could provide many more examples – on our many travels. Consideration of individuals and a thoroughly enjoyable experience is always your priority. Impeccable organisation underpins the whole experience. Wonderful factual story telling a bonus! Can’t wait for the next one.

You are in your element when you talk about the art of Italy and it was truly a joy to listen to you.  Italy and your knowledge of Italy is your strength, and you are a formidable public speaker, giving you an edge, in the nicest possible way. Thank you for the most fantastic time.



It is with great pleasure I write a small piece regarding Isabella Dusi.

My wife, Ann, and I first met Isabella in Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy in 2000 and from that stage it has proved to be a most beneficial meeting. Isabella, a citizen of Montalcino, provided the necessary information about the hilltop town to thoroughly enhance my stay and gain an unexpected knowledge of the culture of the delightful village. Subsequently, as a result of word of mouth from friends, on two occasions I have had the extreme pleasure of being part of the small travelling party Isabella specialises in hosting.

Morocco provided sheer enjoyment in being introduced to the culture of the various Moroccan people.  All this enhanced by Isabella’s magnificent research extremely well told to our touring party about the history of the country, the lifestyle, mannerisms and cuisines of the people. I returned from this trip with a vast new knowledge and a wonderful experience.

Malta, Sicily, Sardinia & Corsica was another occasion to expand my mind with new knowledge of history, culture, cuisine and habitat of the Mediterranean islands. Isabella’s research, prior to the trip, was such that, when told to the small touring party, all were intent upon listening.

My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the standard of accommodation provided on Isabella’s trips and look forward to being part of further exciting journeys in the near future.


I have experienced the greatest of pleasure travelling with Isabella on three wonderful journeys. The tours have been so enjoyable. Long before the tours commenced you supplied so much helpful advice and assistance for this ‘not so young’ solo traveller enabling me to proceed with confidence. Throughout the tours I was always relaxed knowing that you were there, willing to assist and advise in anyway and not only for me. I am full of admiration for the organisational skills you apply to every aspect of touring. I do also admire and envy your remarkable knowledge pertaining to regions and of the many historic sites  we visited.
For all of the wonderful socialising events, be it wining and dining at very special venues or the more simple fare typical of the region or indeed lunching el fresco in the lovely atmosphere of someone’s private garden, it is all so memorable and I am so grateful for all these special memories.

Isabella is simply superb, and has helped me to understand Italy. She plans, organises and leads exceptional travel experiences, clearly thoroughly prepared and researched. Her knowledge is seriously impressive. Her itineraries are unique. She provides valuable insights into the realities of local life from both a contemporary and a historic perspective, weaving significant strands of history into memorable tales. Sharing her valuable insights, Isabella can weave art and history into stories that provide perspective and context, so that we too gain understanding of those astonishing epochs of glorious creativity. I travel with Isabella with the utmost confidence, and am always thrilled and enriched by the experience.

Touring with Isabella has always been an incredible experience. Her attention to detail is second to none and she is a natural raconteur passionately telling us many stories about Art, History, Architecture, Culture and Theatre. Her recall of facts of past events is nothing short of amazing. We always leave her tours so much more informed of the places she has taken us to, and she makes history so interesting.