Jim Harkin

I have traveled in tours organised by Isabella Dusi all over Italy, with occasional periods elsewhere such as France and Malta, on at least six occasions in the last decade. My enthusiasm for her excellence is such that at least 20 friends have subsequently joined her for tours, many of them several times. She has considerably enriched all our lives.
Groups are kept small, the itinerary is meticulously planned blending organised activities and free time. Hotels are at least 3 star and often 4 with an average stay of three nights. Isabella has a great knowledge of history, art and culture plus a wonderful ability to explain what it is to live in modern Italy with its mores, quirks and social habits.
Learning about great local food and wines is integral to the experience. Memories of great restaurants remain long after the journey as do all the little details that make for excellence: the luxurious coach, Ronan or Salvatore, the drivers, and Isabella’s unique ability to invent a fabulous alternative if weather forces a change.
Great experience! Great value! You’ll love it!