Neville Moody

I’ve been on two land tours organized and hosted by Isabella and I have no hesitation in saying that she is the ultimate professional when it comes to creating a tour. From the route, to hotels, food and wine, and guided visits to iconic churches, castles and other places of interest, Isabella always does her homework to the nth degree – nothing is left to chance. Each tour was a huge success. While travelling on the coach Isabella often talks, whether because there is something to see, or something we will soon see, always speaking knowledgeably, enthusiastically, and very passionately. I found the range of her knowledge to be astounding, from art history to wine tasting and everything in between. We were like putty in her hands!

Both tours were magnificent, and in 40 days travel on one extended tour, I did not hear of even one disagreement within the group, due to Isabella’s watchfulness and the ability of moulding twenty people into a happy convivial group. At the end of the day, a sundowner, Isabella was always the centre of fun. She is a very, very exceptional person.