Steve Whelan


It is with great pleasure I write a small piece regarding Isabella Dusi.

My wife, Ann, and I first met Isabella in Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy in 2000 and from that stage it has proved to be a most beneficial meeting. Isabella, a citizen of Montalcino, provided the necessary information about the hilltop town to thoroughly enhance my stay and gain an unexpected knowledge of the culture of the delightful village. Subsequently, as a result of word of mouth from friends, on two occasions I have had the extreme pleasure of being part of the small travelling party Isabella specialises in hosting.

Morocco provided sheer enjoyment in being introduced to the culture of the various Moroccan people.  All this enhanced by Isabella’s magnificent research extremely well told to our touring party about the history of the country, the lifestyle, mannerisms and cuisines of the people. I returned from this trip with a vast new knowledge and a wonderful experience.

Malta, Sicily, Sardinia & Corsica was another occasion to expand my mind with new knowledge of history, culture, cuisine and habitat of the Mediterranean islands. Isabella’s research, prior to the trip, was such that, when told to the small touring party, all were intent upon listening.

My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the standard of accommodation provided on Isabella’s trips and look forward to being part of further exciting journeys in the near future.