Penne sedotte dalla dolce vita – foreign writers who live between us.

Panorama Italia – Published by Laura Maragnani (translated by Isabella)

They come from their countries, put down roots and write about our traditions, our food, and love. But their books are best-sellers, above all, in the foreign market.

At our meeting, the only ones missing are people like Amelia and Bruno, who once lived next door to Isabella Dusi, but who, by and by, came to rest side by side in the same cemetery, just as they had at home in bed.

All the others invited were here. The footballers Vito, Fabio, Mirko, Giacomo, Bocci, Arrigucci. The Mayor Massimo Ferretti and the archer Massimo Bovini. Antonio from Enoteca Pierangioli came, and Maurelia and Roberto from Pharmacy Salvioni. Maurizio the postman and Bruno, capo of the hunters were here as well. Practically the entire population of Montalcino, all arrived at Teatro degli Astrusi for the presentation of Montalcino, Bel Paese (Vanilla Beans & Brodo) the first book by the illustrious citizen, Isabella Dusi. The protagonists were all the locals.

What could be more annoying, you ask? You are wrong, because Isabella Dusi is the same as Isobel Best Dusi, a blonde signora who was an interior decorator born in Scotland, raised in Australia. She arrived in Montalcino about 10 years ago in a Maserati driven by her husband Lou (Luigi). Isobel, after a while in Tuscany, began to make copious notes, and these notes she wrote into Vanilla Beans & Brodo, which when translated into Italian became Montalcino, Bel Paese, and it has practically circled the globe, published by Simon & Schuster in London and distributed in Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK, America, Holland and even translated into Chinese. It has sold more than 100,000 copies and sat proudly on the shelves of Barnes & Noble in New York.

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